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Hi all and welcome to the game server host comparison site. A quick disclaimer. We do make money off of host referrals if you go through to the host from our comparison site. If you like the host and stay with them, then we get a small portion of that subscription. If you don't, then we don't. To this end, we do rely on the rankings from Trustpilot which you can sort. The default order is the number of reviews.

The affiliate program gives us funding to keep this site running and updated. How are we different from the other game comparison hosts? Well, We would like to try to display the most data in the minimum amount of space but feel free to click on the host for a closer look. We will try to be accurate with the host data at all times, but some items may not be entirely correct. The information will, hopefully, never be too far from the actual accurate data. If you do see a glaring or even a not so glaring mistake, please feel free to email us concerning the error, and we will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible. We would appreciate any feedback you have to offer including improvement suggestions you may have or if you would like to point out anything we are doing correctly in our design our dev team would like that too. Thanks in advance for any feedback. All feedback gratefully received.

Do you think there should be another game on here or another host on here? Let us know. Maybe you are another host? Would you like to be added? Send an email including your logo, trust pilot review page, affiliate link details, available games.