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Rating: 4.8


Total Reviews: 902

Our Score: 3608  ? 

CGSH Average: 328  ? 

Lowest Price: On Request  ? 
Slots: On request
EST. 2012

Rating: 4.7


Total Reviews: 1182

Our Score: 4728  ? 

CGSH Average: 295  ? 

Lowest Price: $7.55  ? 
Slots: 12
EST. 2007

Title: Rising World - Carve Your Path in an Expansive, Procedurally Generated Sandbox Universe

Delve into the boundless world of Rising World, an enthralling open-world sandbox game where creativity and exploration reign supreme. With the option of private servers, you and your friends can band together to conquer the expansive landscape, construct magnificent empires, and unravel the enigmas of a procedurally generated universe.

Rising World grants you complete freedom to shape the world around you. Extract resources, forge tools, and erect awe-inspiring structures that showcase your creativity and resourcefulness. From quaint cottages to imposing fortresses, the only limit is your imagination.

On a private server, you and your friends can collaborate on ambitious projects, exchange valuable resources, and share wisdom as you tackle the game's myriad challenges together. Experience the satisfaction of establishing your own flourishing community and the excitement of venturing into uncharted territory with your trusted allies.

The game's procedural generation ensures that every journey is unique, featuring diverse biomes, bountiful resources, and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Conquer the wilderness, cultivate the land, and confront fearsome creatures as you strive to survive and prosper in this vast, untamed world.

Regular updates, an engaged community, and a wealth of user-generated content make Rising World an endlessly captivating experience. Establish your private server, gather your friends, and forge your destiny in this mesmerizing, procedurally generated sandbox universe.