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Rating: 4.8


Total Reviews: 902

Our Score: 3608  ? 

CGSH Average: 328  ? 

Lowest Price: $4.40  ? 
Slots: 10
EST. 2012

Rating: 4.7


Total Reviews: 1182

Our Score: 4728  ? 

CGSH Average: 295  ? 

Lowest Price: $5.66  ? 
Slots: 6
EST. 2007

Rating: 3.7


Total Reviews: 79

Our Score: 237  ? 

CGSH Average: 29  ? 

Lowest Price: $6.04  ? 
Slots: 16
EST. 2015

Title: Project Cars 2 - Ignite Your Need for Speed and Conquer the Track

Rev your engines and get ready for Project Cars 2, a high-octane racing simulation that offers an unparalleled driving experience. From authentic handling and stunning visuals to an impressive roster of cars and tracks, this game delivers racing excitement like never before.

Take your Project Cars 2 experience to the next level by racing with friends on a private server. Compete head-to-head, push each other to the limit, and share in the exhilaration of high-speed racing. The camaraderie and friendly rivalries that develop on the track will create unforgettable memories and enhance your overall experience.

Configure your private server to provide the ideal racing experience for you and your friends. Choose your favorite cars, tracks, and racing conditions, and create customized events that cater to your group's preferences and playstyles. With complete control over your racing environment, the possibilities are endless.

Forge lasting friendships as you challenge each other to ever-greater feats of speed and skill. Share the high-stakes moments, celebrate your victories, and learn from one another as you strive to become the ultimate racing champions. The competition is fierce, but the rewards are even greater when you and your friends tackle the track together.

So gather your friends, strap in, and prepare for the ride of your life. In Project Cars 2, only the most skilled and daring drivers will rise to the top and claim their place on the podium. Will you and your friends dominate the competition and leave a lasting legacy on the track? The time has come to find out!