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Rating: 4.7


Total Reviews: 1182

Our Score: 4728  ? 

CGSH Average: 295  ? 

Lowest Price: $7.05  ? 
Slots: 8
EST. 2007

Title: Primal Carnage - Unleash Your Inner Beast in a Ferocious Battle for Survival

Step into the prehistoric world of Primal Carnage, an exhilarating multiplayer shooter that pits humans against dinosaurs in an epic battle for survival. Choose your side, sharpen your instincts, and prepare for pulse-pounding combat that will test your skills to the limit.

Experience the true thrill of Primal Carnage by playing with friends on a dedicated server. The action intensifies as you work together to develop strategies, coordinate your attacks, and ensure your team's dominance. The bonds you form and the victories you share will make your adventures in this savage world all the more memorable.

Customize your dedicated server to create the perfect battleground for your group's preferences and playstyles. From game modes and difficulty levels to map rotation and team balance, tailor your server to provide the ideal Primal Carnage experience for you and your friends.

Create lasting memories as you battle side by side, honing your skills and pushing each other to new heights of achievement. Share in the adrenaline-fueled moments, revel in your victories, and rise together to conquer the primal world. The challenges are fierce, but the rewards are even greater when you tackle them with your closest allies.

So gather your friends, choose your side, and prepare to embrace the untamed fury of Primal Carnage. In this savage battle for survival, teamwork is the key to victory. Are you and your friends ready to make your mark on this prehistoric world? The time has come to find out!