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Barotrauma - Survive the Depths in a Tense, Cooperative Submarine Simulation

Plunge into the abyss with Barotrauma, an intense, cooperative submarine simulation game that challenges you and your friends to navigate the treacherous depths of an alien ocean, all while managing your vessel, your crew, and the myriad dangers that lurk in the darkness. With private servers, you and your friends can form a tight-knit crew, working together to survive the deadly, unpredictable environments that await you beneath the waves.

In Barotrauma, you must manage your submarine's systems, maintain your crew's morale, and confront a host of underwater threats, including monstrous sea creatures, environmental hazards, and rival submarines. Each crew member plays a crucial role in ensuring the survival of the vessel, from piloting to engineering, medical support, and combat.

Playing on a private server intensifies the experience, as you and your friends coordinate your efforts, communicate in real-time, and make split-second decisions to overcome the challenges that await you in the abyss. Experience the dread of impending doom and the exhilaration of momentary victories as you fight side-by-side to survive the depths.

With a dynamic world that evolves based on your actions, every playthrough offers a unique experience, forcing you to adapt and overcome new challenges. Regular updates, a dedicated community, and a wealth of user-generated content ensure that Barotrauma remains a thrilling and terrifying adventure. Set up your private server, rally your friends, and face the abyss together in the ultimate test of survival.