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Rating: 4.8


Total Reviews: 902

Our Score: 3608  ? 

CGSH Average: 328  ? 

Lowest Price: $5.03  ? 
Slots: 10
EST. 2012

Title: Alien Arena - Extraterrestrial Combat Unleashed

Embark on an electrifying journey through the cosmos in Alien Arena - the ultimate interstellar battle royale! Set in a futuristic universe teeming with diverse alien species, this fast-paced, competitive first-person shooter invites you to showcase your combat prowess against players from around the galaxy.

The adrenaline-pumping excitement of Alien Arena reaches its peak when you join forces with friends on a private server. Assemble your elite squad of intergalactic warriors and dive into epic multiplayer battles, where teamwork, strategy, and split-second decisions will determine the fate of your crew. Experience the thrill of intense firefights, the joy of shared victories, and the camaraderie of battling alongside your closest allies.

Customize your private server to suit your squad's preferred playstyle and refine your strategies against ever-changing opponents. The dynamic nature of Alien Arena ensures no two matches are ever the same, delivering a fresh and exhilarating challenge every time you and your friends face off against rival teams.

Forge unbreakable bonds as you coordinate your squad's tactics, adapt to unexpected scenarios, and celebrate each hard-fought victory. The immersive, action-packed universe of Alien Arena provides endless opportunities for you and your friends to prove your combat prowess in the ultimate extraterrestrial showdown.

Gather your team, gear up, and prepare to dominate the alien battlegrounds. In Alien Arena, only the fiercest and most cunning warriors will survive. Will you and your friends rise to the challenge and claim your place among the galaxy's elite? The time to prove your mettle has arrived – let the interstellar battle commence!