v2.4.3 Mar 28 2020

Ark Survival Evolved Genesis

The big news currenty on the ARK Survival Evelvoed front is the rumoured February 4th release of Ark:SE Genesis, Known also as the Genesis Chronicles Hopefully part 1 will be dropping on PC, XBOX One and PS4 by at least this date. You can expect new biomes, a giant turtle, a fire breathing lizard ( dragon ... ? ) and some sort of tiny come massive shoulder pet. I'm thinking along the lines of Bruce Banner if he was a parrot. Also we need to mention HLN-A pronounced Helena who, on initial inspection seems to be inspired by Stephen Marchant's Portal character Wheatley, also a floating ball. Stephen Marchant brought immense hilarity to an already great game in Portal 2 and I am absolutely certain that we will get the same from HLN-A (Cannot seem to find the voice actress' name to give her a mention). If you want HLN-A sooner yu can always purchase a season pass now to have her accompany you in your current wanderings. I believe the caveat is that HLN-A isn't quite as mature as she will be on the official release of the game but may provide you with some lore.