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EST. 2007

ET-Legacy is a revitalized version of the classic multiplayer first-person shooter, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Enhanced for modern gaming, it maintains the original's essence with updated graphics and improved mechanics. Players engage in WWII team-based combat across various roles, each vital for mission success. The game emphasizes strategy and teamwork, offering a dynamic multiplayer experience that's heightened when playing with friends.

On a private server, ET-Legacy's excitement escalates. Friends can strategize and tackle missions together, enhancing the thrill of teamwork and the satisfaction of joint objectives. Private servers allow for customized game settings, tailoring experiences to group preferences. This setup enhances the game's strategic and cooperative elements, creating a uniquely gratifying multiplayer experience.

The-Front is an intense first-person shooter set in an alternate WWII reality. Known for its hyper-realistic graphics and authentic gameplay, it immerses players in strategic, skill-based battles. The game's design emphasizes the importance of tactics and quick thinking, offering a challenging experience that becomes more engaging with friends.

Playing The-Front on a private server with friends transforms the game into a deeply strategic and personal experience. Players can execute complex operations and share the thrill of warfare together. Custom servers provide control over game settings, allowing players to create a unique wartime experience. The-Front on private servers is not just about combat; it's about building bonds in battle and creating unforgettable stories of strategy and bravery.