About Us

Myself and a buddy from university have been studying a Computer and Information Science degree for the last few years along with playing CS:GO in our spare time.

We rented a server from a well known server host (no names), and let’s just say that it wasn’t the greatest gaming experience we have ever had. In order to pass this information on to others and the hosts themselves we decided to post a review on a game hosting company compare site. I gave a harsh but fair 2 star review which we both felt reflected the performance and service of the host in question. We then waited a few days because sometimes site admins need to verify the validity of the posting
accounts to ensure that no skulduggery is underway. Much to our combined dismay our review never materialized up on the game hosting compare site where we had initially sourced the game server from. It’ was clear that the site was being administered as some 5 star reviews were posted well after we posted our negative review. These five star reviews must, naturally, be more important and made of harder and more robust stuff.


It does seem, after some research, that having a hosting company appear on compare websites may not be entirely free for the hosting companies. Charging hosting companies to be on the site with upfront payments or affiliate links cannot be good for anyone, especially the gamer trying to find the best host for his/her server.

This led us to believe that we were not getting an entirely unbiased view of our potential server hosters, infact we were getting directed to the host that paid the compare site the highest amount of money. It seems to us that any compare site should be completely unbiased and not receive any money from any hosting sites as it is extremely possible, with today’s hosting and server costs, to get offered financial incentives from a hosting company.

With this in mind and requiring a project for one of our many  projects/modules,  website automation in this case, we decided to give a shot at building our own fee free site. So here it is. No hosting companies have been charged, monthly or setup costs, to reside on this site and no affiliate links will be obtained off of any game hosting company wishing to register with us.

We will use Google ad words for advertising and will exclude game hosting from our AdSense to remain completely impartial.

Any site operating for at least 3 months can make a request to be added to the pool. We ask only that you, the game server hosting provider, keep your prices up to date, and do not exaggerate your services or prices. Please refer to our FAQ for non compliance.


I have a game server hosting company. Can my company be added?
Yes as long as you have been running for at least 3 months. Just contact us via our contact us page and we will add you after we verify you are a real company.

What happens if I don’t keep my prices up to date on your site?
If this gets reported to us you will get a suspension where your company prices will not be highlighted on a search query. Repeated infractions will result in your company being removed from the site permanently.

Who is responsible for the game prices on your site?
You as a company are. You will have your own login with the ability to change prices and add games at will. If we don’t have a game that you host, contact us and we will add it to our site.

What about brand new games?
Where we spot these they will be added immediately.

If you have any questions at all please contact us.